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How to help your team excel at remote collaboration

Here are tips and tools we use on the content team at InVision to keep our remote collaboration game strong. Trust is both a complex and nuanced topic. Its very nature makes it difficult to tackle through direct effort.

5 Secrets To Working Well With People You Can’t See Everyday

Collaborative work is not a fad. It is the future. Many small and medium-sized companies are realizing that, due to the benefits it offers, distributed teams are a more sensible option than co-locating. But what is the best way to ensure that remote team can collaborate effectively? In an age where digital connectivity and tools are ubiquitous, it’s more important than ever to find the best way to work together.

The 5 Secrets

The following tips are meant to help you work in a distributed environment: 1. Bring people together via technology. Most corporate environments still struggle to embrace technology in the same way that many startups do. This might be because they are more concerned with ensuring that an initial product is executed correctly, or they are worried about the amount of resources they are investing in software development and system design. However, IT services will evolve, and so will the techniques available to teams. Most companies are currently using one or more remote working options. However, most projects start and finish with onsite meetings.

The first secretClear objectives

Remote collaboration is about bringing together people with different strengths. It’s important that people working in teams are able to work productively together. This is something people outside the office don’t always understand. Successful communication is all about creating a shared vision of the direction the company is heading in, and conveying that to everyone working on the project. While people have different ideas about how to get there, everyone needs to be clear about what needs to happen next. At CollabNet, all teams have shared objectives for the work they are doing. They meet regularly to discuss any sticking points and potential blockers that will affect the project’s progress. Teams can then react quickly to any issues and keep on the right track.

The second secretCommunication

Despite the misconception that such environments are ideal for closed-off social media interactions, communication is not something people simply do in isolation. Given the degree to which our working lives have been transformed in the past decade, the ability to collaborate effectively has grown in importance. It is not enough simply to think about the outcome of collaboration, but to have a conversation about it to ensure it comes to fruition. Finding people with the ability to sit down and discuss, rather than simply tweet, create better, more meaningful results is no easy task. But some very high-level skill sets in social and digital media are needed.

The third secretFeedback

Organisational culture When most companies talk about ‘culture’, they’re talking about company-wide policies that decide how people should behave and the values they should try to inculcate in their employees. But culture is not necessarily about managing what you encourage, but more about managing what you prevent. If you don’t trust your team, you will be tempted to micromanage their behaviour and you won’t be able to tell which decisions or values they think are right. That’s a good way to quickly lose focus and reduce collaboration. “It’s vital to understand people and the way they work, and set yourself up for success. In my experience it’s the little interactions, like the care people take over spelling mistakes on a CV, that create a great experience.

The fourth secretExperimentation

Over the past few years, the concept of the ‘remote team’ has changed. With the rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ and global collaboration platforms, companies and freelancers alike have adopted a new way of working. This is particularly true of freelancers, who have the flexibility to work from home or even a coffee shop and still collaborate on projects – whether they’re working on a marketing campaign, a product launch or a presentation. A supportive environment can help freelancers and co-workers bond, which in turn can help to accelerate the process of collaboration. Here are some tips to ensure that collaboration in your team is not only seamless, but helps to achieve greater results. 1.

The fifth secretEmpathy

Collaboration in a distributed team is best achieved by empowering employees to express their views.

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