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New Nightlife Directory For Building Links and Promotion

The nightlife and entertainment industry has been on a steady decline since 2011. Going from a little over 70,000 bar and nightclub establishments to just under 59,00 in 2021.

If you didn’t do the math that’s over 10,000 less business in operation over a ten-year period. Promoting bars, happy hours, and nightclubs haven’t gotten easier. Since COVID-19 old and new forms of entertainment have been on people’s minds.

Mask mandates and other social distancing requirements have placed many barriers in the way of nightlife establishments.

As we continue to see a massive push in the digital age towards online marketing, what’s next for nightclubs, bars, and other entertainment lounges?

How will nightclubs market their events and show the world that they are the hot spot in their city?

Well, one way is new innovative forms of nightlife marketing and types of events that the industry has not thought of yet.

Nightclub Promoters Died Off

In the early 2000s and since we can remember, promoters played a vital role in nightclub establishments. Usually downplayed as VIP host took most of the glory. This was at least the case in Las Vegas.

Promoters are usually underpaid and are. only worth the size of their network. Imagine before social media existed if you were not an extrovert you probably did not do well in the nightlife scene.

Once social media became established it was easy for anyone to start growing their following and promoting nightclubs, bars, and events.

Somewhere. along the way owners started realizing these line-level commission-only positions were not bringing in the crowds the clubs wanted. Promoters might still work for your local bar when it comes to large clubs they turned to the cocktail waitresses to be the new promoter just making it part of their job.

Where Do you Find Hot Spots?

For the longest time finding the cities, the favorite local hot spot was a task. Then directories like Yelp and Facebook came around. These platforms were supposed to making finding the best clubs in your city easy.

Yet, still, today when you visit a city you have never been to, you will be hard-pressed to find out where the local forms of entertainment are. Looking for a great rooftop bar in a city near you? Or maybe a nightlife venue with live music. When it comes to finding the best experience for entertainment and top nightclubs, a new solution is needed.

Unless you connect with a VIP host on social media or your family. and friends no the best bars to go to, you will be out of luck. More than likely going to several random places that are dead.

That’s why this new nightlife directory has been created to help solve the problem of finding the best local hot spots in a city near you.

Neighborhood Bars Need Help Promoting

Large nightclubs and franchise sports bar chains might have made adjustments, but local bars are suffering.

Many times they don’t have the marketing budget to constantly promote their happy hours and events. They may even still be relying on a commission-only promoter to help bring people in the door.

This is where a nightlife directory like can help small local bars, hookah lounges, and cannabis lounges. lets owners list their entertainment venues for free. The nightlife directory also offers premium promotion options to market and manage events for small business owners.

Bottle Service vs Guest Lists

Most top nightclubs offer bottle service and guest lists, especially if you are in a major city like Las Vegas. If you want to avoid long lines then you book a bottle and get treated like a VIP.

Guestlist informally is a way for clubs to just track what the promoter sent you. Even if you are on the guestlist plan to wait for a while especially if it’s a hot nightclub like Drai’s or Marquee.

The Best Nightclub Directory provides do-follow links to all the listings even free nightlife listings. Currently, they TheRkive promotes in all major US cities with the vision to expand globally.

Are you a nightlife digital marketer? Are you looking for other ways to promote your client’s page? Try and get a free do-follow link.

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