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Building BackLinks the most important step in SEO

Quick Rules To Building Backlinks That Actually Work

If you are new to search engine optimization this article will be useful for you. There are many ways to build backlinks, some methods will help you grow. Other ways can cause harm to your page ranking. This quick backlinking guide will go over some of the basic do’s and don’t of building backlinks. Great authority sites to learn more about backlinking are and Ahrefs. Since you are here, scroll down and take a quick read at our suggestions.


Do submit site links to authority websites. Link to the authority site in your content. You can submit a brief note, description of the site, or even just your name and a link back to your site. Make sure your link is pointing to the right page. Don’t submit any of your internal pages. Doing so will create spam and people will automatically ignore it. In fact, some people have gone to the point of reporting spammy submission links. Don’t bury your links in large quantities. Make each link count. Do tell people about your links. Do tell search engines about your link building. Some backlinks will earn you more relevant traffic. Never directly submit a backlink to your site, this is considered spam. Do ask readers to add a backlink. Ask them to promote a resource link for you.


Don’t use false or misleading content on your site. While articles on nutritional supplement topics are helpful and beneficial to people, please be careful about making your pages out to be something that they are not. These deceptive practices will negatively affect your search engine rank. Do not buy or rent links from “link farms”. These are sites without a single human making them up and have been flagged by the major search engines. The search engines do not want you to use these link farms because of the way they manipulate search engines to rank sites. This is even illegal in many cases. Even if the links are legitimate, search engines treat them as black market sites. To help your SEO, always provide a 301 redirect for any URLs you retire or change.

Authority Sites

Go back to the authority sites. They rank highly for links. This is what we want. Use them as your starting off point. It’s usually a good idea to get in contact with the people in charge of the site as they might have some backlink suggestions you could try. They will appreciate that you are interested in them, but also, it will help you stand out from the crowd. Links for Optimization When you are trying to grow your link traffic you should be sure that your links are all well-quality. To make sure, use black hat techniques. Create a discussion with that site, and offer to post on their blog. Use the signature line with a question mark, as though it were a comment. However, when you send that comment, you want the signature line to contain a link to your site.


This article offers up some simple advice for backlinks that have been mentioned above. Some of the information on this list will give you great ideas to begin with. Some may not be suitable for all your needs. That’s why it is wise to read the whole list. Take your time and get some great tips for building backlinks.

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Blue and Black Abstract Painting Dark Minimalist UI Privacy Desktop Wallpaper

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