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Marketing Time vs Exposure Time

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Andrea Gard

Exposure Time is a retrospective opinion that analyses past occurrences that assume a competitive and open market. Thus, exposure time is just before the date of the assessment while marketing time is before the date of the assessment… On the other hand, marketing time may be lower than exposure time when the inventory declines. Now, get some value created!

Sometimes we over-explain and nothing is learned when trying to teach. I have been explained in at least two articles the difference between Exposure time and Marketing time, and I read it in the new USPAP myself. Confusion. Confusion. Disturbed. Disturbed. The title of this article doesn’t offend. I think of myself as a dummy that needs spelled-out things. Perhaps the rest of you have, but let me see if I can just for people like me.

Exposure Time occurs before the report is effective. After that, marketing time occurs. It is possible to calculate exposure times because you usually have data to support them. Marketing time is a bit of an imagination because it will be in the future (much like the forecasted value on a Relocation Appraisal for those of you who are familiar with them). Most of your reports probably contain the same exposure time and time for marketing. BE CAREFUL THOUGH; they could be quite different, if, for example, your market is changing significantly, as has just been done, or will soon happen.

You go there! Now, I know that it is not easy to over-complicate and I’m on the brink of the latter. Of course, there is a lot more to know, but that’s a way to remember the two terms. Since we now have to evaluate both a marketing and an exposure time, I would recommend that you don’t overlook that. Take a course or study, but know what it is. You have to know, of course.

Now, get some value created!

principles won’t be about design

Andrea Gard

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