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The Future of Voice Search Optimization

The search for the future is more intuitive and more persistent

The time to improve voice search was yesterday, web designers and developers know. It is never too late to increase your content by using a voice search. The goal to optimize your search is to employ the right words, phrases, information, speed and techniques to enable users to search for you. No other voice search.

Smart devices and technology become increasingly important in our everyday life and conduct, only to optimize voices.

The ability to use a natural language or language for conversation rather than a string of keywords. In contrast to a multiple links cluster, the user needs to scrutinize the superior user experience in the form of relevant and sharp results. And finally, while cooking, or looking for a restaurant next door while driving, you could find a recipe to support ongoing tasks.

Studies show that the majority of users choose to search voice during driving before lockdown (52.8 percent of times). This should not be surprising because a search of text during the driving is not preferable. These figures should also be an indicator of the increasing popularity of voice search. During our time at home these activities became important. In homes, voicing equipment is put into the common room 52% of the time, in the kitchen 25% and in the bedroom 22% of the time.

The power and future of voice search allows you to become the only result, as indicated in the paragraph above. When a single voice seeks an answer, he or she won’t download a set of results to choose one physically. If your brand facilitates that response, it not only improves your company or brand’s discovery, it also creates a leadership position for your business. Interestingly, a combination of only 25 keywords triggers most voice searches. Some of the top few are how, what, where, where, easy and when. The search patterns of the users provide you with interesting micro moments to contextually present your brand.


The number of voice search gadgets, including Google Home, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Assistant, iPhone (Siri), and Android Hands has exponentially increased. Consumer preference, too, is rapidly changing to include voice search. In addition, the numbers are expected to increase even further during the lockdown time frame. Convenience, ability to use natural language, superior user experience, and continuing task management are all factors that drive user behavior to change from text search to voice search. The comfort of speaking 150 words in one minute when searching voices instead of only typing 40 words when searching for text.

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