How Can Your Small Business Benefit from Social Media?

Along with a great Las Vegas web design, social media is one of the most important factors to attract new customers online. This is because the medium gives small business…

small businessAlong with a great Las Vegas web design, social media is one of the most important factors to attract new customers online. This is because the medium gives small business owners a direct line to their customers. It provides small businesses with a tool to not just attract any customer, but specific, targeted customers who are more likely to be interested in their brand. However, it seems that the effectiveness of social media has been misunderstood and underappreciated still by many companies.

According to Social Media Examiner, 96% of marketers are using social media marketing, but 85% of those seem to be confused about which social media platform is more effective for their business.

Keeping that in mind, here we are going to take a look at the social media sites that are best for your specific brand and audience.

Where is Your Audience?

This is the most asked question by many who use small business marketing in Las Vegas. One caveat to having followers on social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook is that it doesn’t mean you necessarily have an audience. Yes, followers don’t equate to your audience. Confused?

Let’s break it down then. According to a report published by Recode, an estimated 1.8 billion fake accounts were taken down by Facebook during this year. So, simply having a bunch of followers does not mean you are being followed by a human audience. If you’re thinking of increasing your follower base by buying a bunch of fake accounts, think again.

While these bots might look great for your follower numbers, they won’t do anything for your marketing efforts. So, having big social media numbers does not guarantee lots of activity.

Who’s Searching and Who’s Not

Most people use social media for searching not socializing. This means, every second, thousands of queries are being asked on sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

In a nutshell, along with hiring the best SEO experts in Las Vegas, if you are active on these social media platforms, you have a real chance of appearing in those results.

What are the Niche Social Media Sites?

You can and should join the big four to establish a presence on social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

However, there are plenty of niche sites that could work in your favor too. For that, you will have to determine a few things, For instance:

  • Where is most of my audience hanging out online?
  • Where is my audience searching?
  • Which social media sites are best for my business?

Social Media Outlets to Consider

Facebook — There are over 2.20 billion users on Facebook. That’s more than the entire population of Europe, the United States and Australia combined. Nearly half of the total number of users are active on Facebook every day and spend an estimated 18 minutes per visit. So, the question of whether you should be on this social media outlet is a no-brainer.

Twitter — Twitter is another happening place to be for any business. The average user on Twitter has 208 followers and spends an average of 170 minutes on the platform each and every day. Besides that, more than 85% of Twitter users feel more “connected” to a business they follow.

LinkedIn — According to LinkedIn, two new people join LinkedIn every second. Many businesses make the mistake of leaving out LinkedIn from their social media marketing.

Google+ — When Google+ first started out, pundits said that it would change the social media landscape forever. And guess what, they were right. When you combine the powers of the world’s most dominant search engine, Google and Google Authorship, what you get is a social media marketing tool that takes your social interaction to the next level.

Other social media platforms you should include in your social media marketing campaign include Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube. If you are still confused, you can always hire the expertise of SEO Made Great who can assist in your marketing efforts.

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